This feature is only available for Business Account Holders.

Sharing user credentials can be a challenge, because you have to ensure that the way you share them is secure. That is why we developed Secure Messages. Secure Messages is another way to share your user credentials with us. When you send a a Secure Message, your information of the message only stays on our secure server, it never leaves our server to be sent to  you in an email. When we reply, you never see the message we send in your email either, you just get an email saying to log into see your message.

To send a Secure Message, log into your Client Portal.

  1. Hover over the Business Center link in the navigation bar, and click on Secure Messages drop down
  2. Click on the blue NEW button
  3. In the "To"/"Select Members" field, click and select Kurt Ness, under Admins
  4. Type in the Subject of the message in the "Message Subject" field
  5. Type in the body of the message in the "Message"/"Type your private message here" area
  6. Click the blue Send Message button. After you click it, there may be a delay of about 5 seconds before the page refreshes and you see the Message Sent notification

You have successfully sent your secure message to us. When we reply, you will get a notification of the reply in your email saying that you have a new secure message. Your email notification will not contain our reply.