With the latest upgrade of the Client Portal brings two types of accounts, a Business Account and a Staff Account. Each account is unique and different.

A Business Account, is the standard account. It is typically for the owner of the company/business, or the main contact person. The Business Account Holder has extra permissions to be able to create, manage, and delete staff accounts. The Business Account Holder is able to view all individual support tickets of all staff accounts.

A Staff Account, is a limited account. It is typically for the staff or other people in the company who need to have access to some or all aspects of the Client Portal, but are not the main contact person. Privileges for staff accounts are set by the Business Account Holder.

Staff Account Privileges include:

  • View & Pay Invoices
  • View & Reply all Business Support Tickets
  • View & Upload Business Center Documents (mandatory for all accounts)
  • Create Individual Support Tickets (mandatory for all accounts)

For changed with Staff Account Privileges, the Business Account Holder should submit a support ticket.