After you have AutoPay set up you can manage your saved payment methods. Through managing your payment you can add new payment methods.

Add a New Payment Method:

  1. Once signed into your Client Portal, and navigate to your Financial Center
  2. Click on the green button that says Manage Payment Sources, located above your list of current and past invoices
  3. Select the option that says New Credit Card
  4. Enter in your new card billing information and card details into the form
  5. Once all of the information is filled out, click the Submit button, at the bottom left side
  6. You will then receive a message saying "New payment method created, saving your selection...", and the page will then refresh
  7. Once the page has refreshed, your new card has been saved, and is set to AutoPay card. 
  8. To verify your new card is saved, click the Manage Payment Sources button again
  9. You will see your new card information, along with the radio button selected next to your new card, indicating that the new card is your AutoPay payment method.